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Srt to DCP subtitles converter

Adding subtitles to a DCP

SrtToCPSubs script creates supplemental package (VF) for original DCP with added subtitles. Currently it is available for download only for Windows. Contact me via email at the bottom of the page if you need Linux or command line version.

It can output subtitles in Interop and SMPTE format, although SMPTE format can be currently selected only on Windows. It has support for multiple reels and automatically adds empty subtitles at the start and beginning in a case of SMPTE subtitles. Input subtitles must be in a UTF-8 encoded SubRip (.srt) format. Output is a SMPTE mxf file or Interop xml file alongside with CPL, PKL, ASSETMAP and VOLINDEX files.
It can read SubRip format with following tags: <b>-bold, <i>-italic, <u>-underlined and <font color= > -font color.

Example of input SubRip subtitles:

00:00:12,000 --> 00:00:15,123
This is the first subtitle.

00:00:17,000 --> 00:00:21,000
Another subtitle demonstrating tags:
<b>bold</b>, <i>italic</i>, <u>underlined.</u>
<font color="#ff0000">Red text.</font>

Basic settings (settings.ini):

# More specific settings must be passed via command line.

# TTF font

# Font size and color

# Subtitle line spacing (Percent of picture height.).

# Vertical position of subtitles if they are top-bottom aligned. [Percent of picture height.]

# Horizontal position of subtitles if they are left or right aligned. [Percent of picture height.]

# Default subtitle alignment
# valign: center, bottom, top
# halign center, left, right

#Fade up and down [miliseconds]

Example without GUI:

python srtToCPSubs.py --interop -s "D:\subtitles\test.srt" --sub-lang sl --sub-size 42 --sub-valign bottom --movie-title Test
-c "D:\DCP\OV\original_cpl.xml" -o "D:\DCP\VF\\"

You can start the script with -h switch to get a list of all options.
If paths contain spaces, they should be quoted. In that case the backward slash at the end needs to be doubled. You can also use forward slash for path separator. Make sure that created files and folders have appropriate permissions!

This software is not free.
Unregistered version adds "*DEMO*" text to each line of subtitles.
Get registration key for 290 EUR:

If you do not receive license key within a couple of minutes, notify me via an email.
Contact me for more informations.

Download srtToDCPSubs-GUI-1_00-win.zip Windows executable with GUI only.


Is it possible to add subtitles to an encrypted DCP ?

Yes it is possible, but only with KDMs that don't have ContentAuthenticator present. It is possible to modify original CPL and add or replace subtitles there, however it is not possible to create VF package. It is common industry practice to eliminate ContentAuthenticator for INTEROP format. Also most of the SMPTE content currently don't have the mentioned protection against modifying CPLs.

How do I add subtitles to encrypted DCP with Srt to DCP subtitles converter ?

Fill in all the fields and press Alter original. Backup files with extension BAK will be created in the DCP folder.You MUST remove all the BAK files from the root folder otherwise playback server won't ingest it. Don't remove anything else. Modified CPL will have the same name as before - only language code and package type (VF) will change !

How to display two subtitles in different language?

Create srt file with 4 lines - 2 for each language. You can also use this online tool to merge existing subtitles. Additionally SubtitleEdit is needed to ensure both languages have the same start and stop times.
You can also make negative offset for SCOPE format, so that subtitles can be displayed on screen below visible picture, however cinema operator must create new setting (channel) for subtitles below picture to be visible.

What is the purpose of this software?

The main purpose is aimed at cinemas that want to screen films for which a distributor didn't provide subtitles for their language. One can extract existing (text) subtitles from original DCP with the help of dcp utility, translate them and create VF DCP or repack original encrypted DCP with the new ones.